HaemoVet® absorbable haemostats provide effective, quick& easy hemostasis during general veterinary surgery & dental procedures.

  • Veterinary exclusive absorbable haemostats indicated for hemostasis in surgical procedures when control of bleeding by pressure, ligature or other conventional procedures is ineffective or impractical.
  • HaemoVet® can be cut to the desired size, shape & size to be applied to the bleeding site either dry or saturated with sterile saline.
  • In Dental Surgeries, HaemoVet® with Silver Colloid provides additional antibacterial properties. Small quantity of finely dispersed colloidal silver is effective against all microorganism, which are found in oral cavity.

Benefits Of HaemoVet®

image Minimizes blood loss.
image Allows a dry, Clearly visible surgical field.
image Saves valuable surgical & anaesthesia time.
image Increases the surgical speed.
image Improves recovery time for thepatient.
image Can be used dry or pre-wettedwith sterile saline.
image Can be easily cut to the desiredsize & shape for the particularprocedure & individual patient.
image It’s porosity enables it to absorb45 times its weight in blood. As it fills with blood, the platelets & fibrin collect & form a blood clot.


Use dry or soak the sponge in antibiotic or sterile saline solution.

  • If used dry, the sponge can be cut into the desired size and can be slightly compressed. The sponges must be applied to a bleeding area under light pressure for 1-2 minutes until the bleeding stops.
  • If used wet, withdraw the sponge and squeeze thoroughly between gloved fingers to expel air bubbles. Replace in saline, and keep at bleeding site until needed.
  • When bleeding is controlled, sponge can be left in situ.
  • When needed support is achieved, the sponge may be removed.

Ordering Information

Product ID Product Name Dimensions (mm) / Weight (gm) No. of Pieces Per Box
HV-101010 CUBES 10X10X10 24
HV-101010 CUBES 10X10X10 5O Per Jar
HV-602007 FLEX 60X20X07 10
HV-01/03/05 POWDER 1/3/5 gm 6/1/1
HV-01B/02B/03B/05B BELLOW POWDER 1/2/3/5 gm 6
HVS-101010/140707 SILVER CUBES 10X10X10/14X07X07 24
HVS-101010/140707 SILVER CUBES 10X10X10/14X07X07 5O Per Jar