AGS for dental surgery: The Clotting Companion: Unveiling the Magic of Gelatin Sponge in Dental Extraction Hemostasis

Enhancing Cardiac Surgeries with Hemostatic Patches

Aegis LifeSciences Pvt. Ltd. – “MDSAP Certified”

Sterile absorbable hemostat: The versatile and effective hemostat for surgical procedures

USFDA registered manufacturing facility

Aegis Lifesciences is a key player in the biodegradable dressings market, which is expected to reach a size of US $3.052 billion by 2032.

Aegis Lifesciences Participated in Arab Health 2023, Dubai

Kit de matrizhemostática de gelatinafluida FLOGEL®

Absorbable vs nonabsorbable hemostat

Aegis Lifesciences happy to share their presence at Hospitalar 2022

Ukrainian Army is using Surgispon to save lives of their soldiers