Surgi-PVA™ Polyvinyl Alcohol Medical Sponges And Dressings

The SURGI-PVATM sponges provides a total fluid control for nasal and sinus surgery, epistaxis treatment, ear drainage and in the ophthalmic procedure drainage control. Lint and fiber- free PVA (Polyvinyl Alcohol) material has open-cell structure (interconnected pores), giving it both strength and softness, is superior to other fibrous packing materials in the application of post-operative hemorrhage and epistaxis treatment.

Advantages Of Surgi-PVATM Sponges Dressing

Soft, supportive, anti-adhesive and low irritation.
Provide optimal pressure during epistaxis treatment.
With hydrophilic feature, it can absorb blood quickly.
Easy removal
With air-foaming technology, PVA foam prevents bacterial growth, lowers infection, and reduces odor during nose bleed treatment.
With breathable airway, effectively reduce patient discomfort
One-step placement
PVA sponges can soak fluid more than 10%-12% of its dry weight.

Application Areas

Standard Nasal Packing

Standard nasal packs are designed for use in a variety of nasal surgeries: septoplasty, turbinectomy, rhinoplasty, and so forth. They fill and support nasal cavities during surgery, allowing smooth septum ventilation to ensure patient comfort.

Anatomical Nasal Packing

Designed to compactly fill the nasal cavity, anatomic type nasal packs are used during and after nasal surgery. Their optional airway design enhances patient comfort.

Epistaxis Nasal Packing

Epistaxis type nasal packs are used to treat anterior and posterior nose bleeding safely and effectively. Their soft round edges create less friction and reduce irritation during nasal packs insertion. Epistaxis type nasal packs expand, gently compress, and effectively stop bleeding.

Sinus Nasal Packing

Sinus packs are made with soft, porous, resilient PVA foam. They are designed to support the sinus cavity and the osteomeatal complex to ensure airflow through nose. They also expand to stop bleeding through gentle compression, and facilitate faster recovery. They have rounded edges to allow easy insertion during surgery, and provide comfort even during removal.


Ordering Information: Surgi-PVATM Nasal Dressing

Product ID Dimensions (mm) length x Height X Thickness Packing
Standard Nasal Packing
NP 452010-T 45X20X10 10
NP 452015-S/T/TA 45X20X15 10
NP 802010-T 80X20X10 10
NP 802015-S/T/TA 80X20X15 10
Anatomical Nasal Packing
NP 803010-S/T 80X30X10 10
NP 803015-T/TA 80X30X15 10
Epistaxis Nasal Packing
NP 552510-S 55X25X10 10
NP 552515-S/T 55X25X15 10
NP 1002510-S/T 100X25X10 10
NP 1002515-S/T/TA 100X25X15 10
Sinus Nasal Packing
NP 351206-T 35X12X6 20
NP 351209-T 35X12X9 20
NP 351212-T 35X12X12 20

TA- With Thread and Airway, T- With Thread, S- Standard (No Thread No Airway)

Surgi-PVATM Ear Packing

Ear Wick

Soft and resilient ear wicks are designed to aid the treatment of otitis externa. They deliver medication, such as an antibiotics solution, to the ear canal and the ear canal membrane. There are two types of ear wicks available i.e. Standard and Fenestrated.

Ordering Information: Surgi-PVA Ear Wick

Product ID Dimensions (mm)Diameter x length Packing(Pcs/Box)
Ear WicK
EP 0712-S/F 7X12 20
EP 0912-SF 9X12 20
EP 0915-SF 9X15 20
EP 0924-SF 9X24 20
EP 1215-SF 12X15 20
EP 1224-SF 12X24 20
EP 1520-SF 15X20 20

S- Standard (No Fenestration), F- Fenestrated

Ear Pack

Ear Pack is designed for use in otic ear surgery with multibenefits for patients. Ear packs help absorb fluids during surgery, and the soft and porous PVA foam material can help to expand medication evenly to support the ear canal after surgery.

Ordering Information: Surgi-PVA Ear Pack

Product ID Dimensions (mm)Diameter x length Packing(Pcs/Box)
Ear Pack
EP 0712-T 7X12 20
EP 0912-T 9X12 20
EP 0915-T 9X15 20
EP 0924-T 9X24 20
EP 1215-T 12X15 20
EP 1224-T 12X24 20
EP 1520-T 15X20 20

T- With Thread

Surgi-PVATM Ophthalmic Sponges

Eye Spear

SURGI-PVATM eye spears are constructed of soft, absorbent and highly retentive polyvinyl alcohol foam. The porosity is controlled for a variety of applications including LASIK and refractive surgeries. SURGI-PVATM eye spears, gentle on the eyeball and cornea, are designed to quickly clean the surface of the eye and absorb diffuse fluids during ophthalmic procedures. The PVA eye spear is indicated for use in ophthalmic or microscopic surgical procedures for absorbing excess fluids from the operative field.

Ordering Information: Surgi-PVATM Eye Spear

Product ID Dimensions (mm)length x Width X Thickness Packing(Pcs/Box)
Eye Spear
ES 170802 17X8X2 Overall Length- 72 (including the handle) 100

The overall length of eye spear is 72 mm including the handle.

Ordering Information: Surgi-PVATM Eye Drain And Wick

SURGI-PVATM Eye Drain consists of a fluid collection bag and an eye wick.
The SURGI-PVATM Eye Drains and Eye Wicks are utilized to collect and retain excess fluids and prevent them from entering the surgical site.
Adhesive backed fluid collection bag ensures proper placement
Wick can be easily trimmed to fit all patient sizes.

Eye Drain

Product ID Volume Packing(Pcs/Box)
ED 80 80 cc Fluid Collection Bag with 200 mm Eye Wick 10
ED 400 400 cc Fluid Collection Bag with 200 mm Eye Wick 10

Eye Wick

Product ID Dimensions (mm)length x Height X Thickness Packing(Pcs/Box)
EYW 200 200X3X2 20

Ordering Information: Surgi-PVATM Lasik Eye Drain, Eye Ring And Corneal Light Shield

SURGI-PVATM LASIK Eye Drain allows the simultaneous absorption of excess fluids from the surgery site and protection of flap and hinge.
SURGI-PVATM LASIK Ring minimizes the risk of contamination of the stromal bed by fluids from fornices.
SURGI-PVATM Corneal Light Shield is utilized to keep the surface of the cornea moist and cool during ophthalmic procedures by retaining moisture on the cornea. Also, protect retina from potentially harmful lights.

Lasik Eye Drain

Product ID Dimensions (mm)
Inner diameter x length x Thickness
LED 104002 10X40X2 20
LED 124802 12X48X2 20

Lasik Eye Ring

Product ID Dimensions (mm)
Inner diameter x
Outer diameter x Thickness
LER 101402 10X14X2 20
LER 121502 12X15X2 20

Corneal Light Shield

Product ID Dimensions (mm)
diameter x Thickness
CLS 0702 7X2 20
CLS 0902 9X2 20

Ordering Information: Surgi-PVATM Eyelid Scrub

SURGI-PVATM Eyelid Scrubs effectively remove oil and debris from eyelids.
Made of soft and porous PVA foam, and are gentle and non-abrasive.

Eyelid Scrub

Product ID Dimensions (mm)
length x Width Thickness
ELS 334515 33X45X15 10

Ordering Information: Surgi-PVATM Instrument Cleaning Wipes And Blocks

SURGI-PVATM Instrument Wipes and Cleaning Blocks remove microscopic debris and particles.
These are highly absorbent and lint-free, cause no harm to the sensitive instruments.

Instrument Cleaning Wipes

Product ID Dimensions (mm)
length x Width X Thickness
LW 767602 76X76X2 20
LW 858502 85X85X2 20

Instrument Cleaning Blocks

Product ID Dimensions (mm)
length x Width X Thickness
IB 451520 45X15X20 20

How Does Surgi-PVATM Work

PVA sponges possess a variety of desirable properties for the medical industry. Due to the soft porous structure, PVA sponges provide fast wicking and fluid control especially suited for medical and surgical applications. With an exceptionally high volume and speed of absorption, a PVA sponge is capable of soaking up and retaining over 10 times its dry weight for a volume increase of 20% in a matter of seconds.

PVA sponges made through air expansion result in a strong porous structure with a controllable range of pore size. Air expansion also produces pure, ultraclean sponges without any residue. PVA foam made through particle replacement require these particles to be processed out. Unlike other medical sponges, SURGI-PVATM is not susceptible to bacterial growth. Biocompatible PVA sponges are inorganic, fiber and lint-free. SURGI-PVATM Sponge proves to be effective and ideal solution to assist in management of fluids i.e. fluid control and drainage control and as a tampnode and for the haemostasis.