1. Advanced Hemostatic Action: HaemoVet® Silver Cubes are made from Absorbable Gelatin Sponge impregnated with 5% Colloidal Silver promotes rapid hemostasis, controlling bleeding effectively.
  2. Easy Placement: HaemoVet® Silver Cubes are easy to place within dental sockets, providing convenience for veterinarians during surgical procedures.
  3. Customizable Sizes: The cubes are available in different sizes (10×10×10mm and 14×07×07mm) and can be cut into required sizes to fit different dental wound cavities, ensuring optimal coverage.
  4. High Absorption Capacity: The absorbent gelatin sponge has a porous foam structure that can absorb blood several times of its own weight, promoting efficient hemostasis and wound management.
  5. Conformable to Wound: HaemoVet® Silver Cubes conform to the contours of dental wounds, promotes thrombocytes aggregation due to the large surface and fills the wound cavity. The plug thus formed, fits snugly and stabilizes blood coagulum.
  6. Long-Lasting Antimicrobial Effect: The insoluble colloidal silver provides a sustained antimicrobial effect, preventing microbial resistance and ensuring prolonged protection against infection, thus averting the risk of fissure and secondary cavity formation due to contaminated saliva invasion.
  7. Wide Range of Indications: HaemoVet® Silver Cubes are intended for the treatment of alveoli and wound cavities e.g. after extraction, apical amputations, following surgical removal of retained teeth; Prevention of secondary cavity formation; prophylaxis of wound infections; secondary haemorrhage prophylaxis; as a dressing after gingivectomy; in periodontopathies.
  8. Eliminates Need for Suturing: As the cubes adhere securely to the wound, there is no requirement for suturing over the dressing, saving time and reducing postoperative complications.
  9. Gradual Dissolution: Eventually, the gelatinous plug formed by the cubes is completely absorbed within <4 weeks, facilitating a smooth transition during the healing process and minimizing discomfort for the patient.
  10. Sterile and Ready-to-Use: HaemoVet® Silver Cubes are sterilized by gamma irradiation, ensuring their safety and efficacy. They come ready-to-use, saving valuable time in the operating room and ensuring optimal hygiene standards are maintained.

By offering these benefits, HaemoVet® Silver Cubes provide a comprehensive solution for hemostasis, wound care, and infection prevention in veterinary dental surgery, enhancing the overall quality of care for animal patients.